Who Are Pathfinders?

The Pathfinder Club (www.pathfindersonline.org/) is a worldwide organization of children ages 10-15 years that focuses on the spiritual, cultural and social growth of a child. Anyone of any religious persuasion, or none at all, are welcomed to join providing that he/she accepts and abides by the the Pledge and Law (www.pathfindersonline.org/pledge-and-law) of the club, establishes a relationship with God and is willing to broaden his/her horizon on the world.

Pathfinders offer a wide range of activities including, but not limited to:

  • Camping & camping/survival skills.

  • Grade appropriate leadership training.

  • Activities promoting community pride & involvement through outreach activities such as helping in downtown soup kitchens, collecting food for the disadvantaged, cleaning & maintaining city and county parks, visiting and encouraging the elderly, and MANY more.

  • Interactive training in a variety of recreational, artistic, nature, conservation, vocational, and outreach areas, with awards (honors) given for successful completion of the interactive training modules.

    If your child is not old enough to join our Pathfinder Club, the Adventurer Club involves children ages 4-9 years and implements a short and simple curriculum while creating an engaging and interactive program. In fact, this is where habits form and personalities develop.


What's the current happenings of our Club?

Our monthly fundraisers will aid the club with its expenses and help it reach its goals. Along with the shoe box fundraiser, the club conducts monthly fundraisers that will aid the club with its expenses and help it reach its goals.

The club is currently in need of flags, banners, flagpoles, banners, uniforms and so many more items. If you can donate any items that will help our club it will be greatly appreciated. Please use our contact form to get in touch with us.

The aim of this fundraiser is to raise money for the development of our club. The goal of this fundraiser is to fill as many boxes with gently worn adult athletic shoes, men's shoes, cowboy boots, women's and children's shoes.





Florette Beersingh

Sis Beersingh has been one of our backbone decision makers in our church. She currently holds the position of Sabbath School Superintendent as well a councilor in the pathfinder group.

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Norma Maragh

Our first lady, Sis Maragh is our head deaconess but she also wears a multitdue of different hats in our church.

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Glendon Shettlesworth

Bro Kevin is currently our Choir Director and also head of our Sports Evangelism Ministry. Bro Kevin also plays a key role in our music department.

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