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  • Pathfinder Equipment Needs

    0% Donated of $5000.00

    The Seacrest Pathfinder Club has been established since 2014 and has been making great strides ever since. The club is need of a few equipment that will further advance the club into reaching God’s people and aiding in the development of the members. The club currently needs Flags, flagpoles, uniforms,...

  • Haiti Mission

    13% Donated of $2000

    Missionary trip to Anse-A.Fleur, Haiti to provide medical support, distribute food to the country’s poor children and their families.

  • Africa Mission

    20% Donated of $10000

    Our global mission continues to the continent of Africa, specifically the country of Kenya. To reach out and meet the ever-growing need for food, employment, medical supplies and water.  Much has been done in Kenya, by missions worldwide.  Thanks to those who have reached out, but there is a lot...