At Seacrest, we have realized how important our men are to the church and our community. It is with this realization we have decided to form a Men's Ministry.

The Men's Ministry will be a group where our Men can spend quality time together in learning more about God and learning from each other.

There will be a multitude of activities in place once we get our Ministry started.

The Seacrest's Men Ministry was officially started in June of 2019 and has been going strong. Since then, they have had a Men's Ministry weekend with our Men fully taking over our Sabbath Services, continued on Sunday with a breakfast in the morning and then ended with some games.

If you are interested in Joining our Men's Ministry group please use our contact form on the right of this page to contact us. Please indicate if you would to like to help out in the leadership of our Men's Group.

Additionally to see events planned, please visit our Events page for more details.