Raghe Maragh

Our secretary, Sis Raghe Maragh has been with serving in our church in various roles. We welcome her expertise in this role.

Florette Beersingh

Sis Beersingh has been one of our backbone decision makers in our church. She currently holds the position of Sabbath School Superintendent as well a […]

Cleveland Ford

Deacon Cleveland Ford recently stepped down as our head deacon but continues to serve our church with grace as he has done for many years. […]

Winston Maragh

Bro Al has been with us for a while now. He is currently the Treasurer and leader of the Media Team.

Norma Maragh

Our first lady, Sis Maragh is our head deaconess but she also wears a multitdue of different hats in our church.

Gary Williams

Elder Gary Williams has been with Seacrest from the beginning and is a constant support to our church. Anyone who knows Elder Williams knows how […]

Glendon Shettlesworth

Bro Kevin is currently our Choir Director and also head of our Sports Evangelism Ministry. Bro Kevin also plays a key role in our music […]

Bassil Simmons

Elder Simmons has recently joined us but has made a tremendous impact in our church. Elder Simmons has added his personal touch to our church. […]

Frederick F.L Maragh

Pastor Frederick Lloyd Maragh believes the foundation of a Christian Church can only be solid, when it’s built on sincere and passionate outreach mission work […]